Lori Hershey Concessions &Videography/Photography Chair

Aka Mama Hersh I feed you, take video of you and take your picture. 😊

Pamela Phipps aka Maddi’s Mom

Publicity & Communications Chair - KHS Indian Theatre Boosters 2019/2020

Shauna Wright Fundraising — Grants

Booster/parent/board — Madeline Wright’s Mom

Aiden Singca President, Actor, Technician, Honor Crew

Aiden Cierra Singca Keller Theatre President

Ashlyn Dodson actress, technician

Production Role/Position Director(s)

Camryn Williams Technician,Student Director

Technician, Actor, Student Director

Derek Huber

Actor and technician

Giovanni Fontana Actor

2019 Monte Cristo-Faria Anonymous-Director Shake speare in Love-Shake speare

Grayson Fontana-Harless Actor

Our country's good,Kerioni,anonymous,lion king,zombie show,peter pan

Jack Rogers Actor/Technician

Actor/Technician/Student Director

Kendall Dant Actress, Dancer, House Leader, Choreographer

Kendall Madison Dant Konstantin’s House Leader


Lexi Croatti Technician

KHS Class of 2020. Property Designer

Sarah Faehnle

Actor/Technician Class of 2020

Alexis Boehmer

Actor/Technician Junior 16


Alyssa foster Actor, technician

special skills: special effects makeup

Arianna Raich Actress and Technician

Junior 16 Arianna Danielle Raich

Austin Duplantis Vice President

Age: 16 Height: 6’1”


Austin Hunter

Actor and Technician, Class of 2021

Brooke caffey

Actress and Technician

Dalton James Vargas Actor

Age: 16 Height: 5'9" Vocal Range: Tenor Hair Color: Brown

Davis Hipson Actor, Technician

Height 5’ 10”, Blue eyes, Brown hair, 16 y/o

DJ Hershey Technician/Actress

Actress, Sound Design and Sound Technician

Elysia Spencer Technician

Adores Technical Theatre. Techie for the win


Gracey Larson

Actress, Technician

Jordan Walters Actress, Technician

Junior 5’7” Brown Hair Brown Eyes

Lauren Bothwell actress & technician

i do not know why i have 2 profiles junior rep blue eyes dark brown hair 5”1

Lauren Bothwell actor, junior rep, technician

5”1, dark brown hair, blue eyes

Léah Pierre Actress & Technician

Age:17 VOCAL RANGE: Alto & Soprano SHOWS: Musical Theatre Showcase 2019

Madison Farmer actress, technician

actress, dancer, technician

Michael Chamberlain

Class of 2021

Olivia Vogel Actress,Technician

Height: 5’7” Eye Color: Blue/Green Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Age: 16

Preston Longbine Actor

Height 6’ 1” , Hazel Eyes, Dirty Blonde Hair

Zach Schwartz


Zoie Dorn Actress/ Technician

Height: 5’5 Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Age: 16

Ashten snell Actress

Theatre Class of 2022